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PDF Splitter is a high-end utility to let its users split of PDF Acrobat files to various PDF files. It allows division of a PDF file according to text information and location. It is a fantastic tool for combining PDF documents such as reports, invoices etc. PDF Content Splitter allows division of a payroll PDF according to employee name, their AC and payroll number. The tool can be considered an ideal choice for those organizations which have higher volume of employees in order to manage their salary detail and various other data.

There are several advanced features supported by the tool to make split task easy, concise and effective. It is the tool that allows split of PDFs according to content basis.

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Prominent Features of the tool
= Unique and Effective Split Function - PDF Content Split tool supports split of a PDF according to content basis. Therefore, it is easy to divide a PDF by keyword basis.
= Visual Rule Editor - The software provides users many types of control over split of PDF files. The user can control on the type a PDF will be divided and how the divided new PDFs files are named. The user can set different types of rules during split to get the desired division of PDF files.
= Different Types of Split Methods
PDF Content Splitter follows 3 effective methods for dividing PDFs.
= The tool splits PDF on the basis of unique text by applying word position searches.
= It splits files on the basis of find text by applying word position searches.
= It split files one unique text by applying word position searches and group output by unique text.
= Supporting Two Types of Tags-The advance tool supports 2 types of tags—macro tag and split tag. Both tags are used in output name and properties. Pascal-script can also be applied to support validate and transform tags.
Transform tags offer to write down some script that apply only the first 5 characters of split tag
Validate tags allow to write some script to ensure the split tag is all number.
= Freedom for scripting - The tool supports Pascal-script, a free scripting engine in order to provide good output.
= Work with Hot Directories - In order to let yourself know about the quality of split of a PDF file, you can merge PDF Content Splitter with a monitoring directory where whole procedures are recorded in log files.
= Save Quality time - The high-end tool supports to split multiple files at a time. It allows to easily following the same rules.
= Easy to Operate - A few simple procedures are followed to complete the division of PDF files. It is a smart program that doesn’t need support of end users to perform split task. The tool is self-descriptive.
= Free Trial Version - Free Trial version of the tool is available that you can try to evaluate its incredible features.
Purchase the tool if you require division PDF files every now and then. It saves your quality time and provides the best output.

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